Our Team

Board of Directors

The following organisations and institutions are currently members of the Board of Directors of the Fund:


National Focal Points

At the Fund, there are various partners who share our dream of, and commitment to the protection of HRDs.

The Fund will reach intervention countries through its national focal points. These focal points serve as representatives of the Fund in each of the countries. They act as a point-of-contact for HRDs at both the national and grass roots levels.

Members of the General Assembly

The following organisations and institutions currently serve as Members of the General Assembly in each of the countries:


Along-with our trusted partners and Board of Directors, the Fund is run by two full time staff based at the regional office in Kampala.
The Fund Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Fund.

Other Partners

There are many organisations who support us for various specialities. Some key organisations provide legal services expertise, assistance with identification of cases, security/protection expertise, psychological services and medical services. These partners are invaluable in helping us accomplish our mission and vision. We would not be able to provide any services without them.

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