Fund Allocation Process

The grant allocation process is designed to respond in priority to urgent requests for protection, and according to the availability of funds, it will issue calls for submissions.

In order to ensure efficiency and adaptability, the fund allocation process will follow three simple steps:

  1. Request

    Requests for support will be accepted through the national focal points as well as the regional office.

  2. Verification and evaluation

    The national focal points will be responsible for analysing requests, verifying authenticity, and formulating a recommendation to the Fund for requests that arise from their respective countries.

  3. Response

    All applications recommended positively by the focal points are then submitted to the Fund Manager of the Fund. In cases where calls for submission have been issued, proposals will be directly evaluated at the regional office.

    The Fund Manager, in consultation with the Board of Directors, will then provide a response. The response may be in the form of offering sub-granting or technical support. The proposed strategy will be discussed with the beneficiaries and the focal points responsible to monitor the interventions in order to identify the most suitable response.

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